143 Ventures (German: 143 Wagnisse)
doing a "Wagnis" means "to dare something"

Take a look at the clips here!

The idea

143 very personal ventures will be accomplished in two years and recorded on video.

The ventures maybe soloistic, done in a team and can take from 10 seconds up to 15 minutes. Longer experiments are possible in after consultation of the project leader. The resulting video clip of a particular challenge will be edited to meet a duration of one minute.

The challenge has to:
have an unknown outcome
guarantee 100% the survival of all involved participants
include a charming, philosophical or humor aspect
allow a height- cave- dog- and frog-phobic one women film crew to realize the filming
provoke fun while doing it, filming it and watching the resulting video clip.
This way, there will be 143 touching and moving minutes of video full of surprises, philosophy and social interventions.


Claudia Roemmel . Performer . Choreograph . Designer
Project leader of 143 Ventures

living in St. Gallen - Switzerland


Claudia Roemmel
... works as a movement coach, performer and choreographer. Following two years of study at the Dimitri Theatre School in Switzerland and the Freiburg Centre of New Dance and Improvisation in Germany, she took part in various dance and drama projects, developed a number of solo pieces and gathered theatrical experience both at home and abroad. In 1999 and 2001, she was awarded a grant from the canton and city of St Gallen respectively. For several years now, she has also worked with video on an autodidactic basis.
She is now looking forward to accompany you with her video equipment and choreographic experience on the way of your own personal venture.

You can find more insights in her moving and creative work at www.tanztheatertext.ch